Hi! I'm a 20-year-old Web Developer from Finland.

I graduated from business information technology at Porvoo vocational school.

On my spare time, I train judo, code random stuff and make websites.

I've experience on making many kinds of websites, including webstores and landing pages.

My website projects are about 40% cheaper for client than a full-time web design company, and you will get the same result.

Most of my customers have no need for a dedicated server or a VPS, but for heavier sites, a VPS is often needed.

When I start a project with my client, I need to know a few details about how big the site will be, how many users it could probably have on a day, so I can make an estimate about the website hosting yearly costs.

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A few projects I've made.

Finnish car washing company. My own project, a training diary. [DEV] A finnish dog training company. Finnish animal hostel.

Easiest way to contact me is by email, at, or calling to +358404161877.

You will also find me on social media with the buttons above.